Welcome to Walter Hardy Memorial Fund

Welcome to Walter Hardy Memorial Fund

Welcome to Walter Hardy Memorial FundWelcome to Walter Hardy Memorial Fund

2019 Scholarship Award Winners

Kate Windsor

Nomso Ashiogwu

Nomso Ashiogwu


Kate is a graduate of Paint Branch HS and will  be attending York College of PA in the fall to play softball.  Kate performed  over 325 hours of SSL hours while overcoming a significant death in the family.

Nomso Ashiogwu

Nomso Ashiogwu

Nomso Ashiogwu


Nomso is a graduate of Gaithersburg HS and will be attending UMBC in the fall to study Computer Science Cyber Security.  Nomso also overcame the death of a family member and performed over 384 hours in the community.

Nomso Ashiogwu

We will post more info here as well as some pictures of our scholarship winners in the near future.

What's going on with our Recipients?

Cimiya Duffin

                                                                   The WHMF is VERY proud of Cimiya  

March 2019 - In an email update from Cimiya, she said.....


During my first semester at Morgan State, I got involved with a lot of social activities regarding Liberal Arts as a whole.  I participated in a mural bike tour which featured the Geography and Religious Studies department and I currently work in the Psychology Department Neuroscience Lab run by Dr. Ingrid Tulloch. I joined my university’s Army ROTC program and continue to thrive in the classroom. I finished my first semester with a 3.5 GPA and I strive to do better my second semester. College has definitely taught me that whatever effort we put in, the results we get are the outcome. It also has encouraged me to be proactive and to be confident in myself - knowing that I belong at the table just as much as anyone else. I plan to continue to use my demographics and my passion for change and new experiences as a guiding light for others to better there life and to pursue their dreams sooner rather than later. 

I am able to send you some more pictures sometime next week when my professors are able to get them to me. I appreciate everything the Walter Hardy foundation has done for me. 




Yonas Harris

See the message I received recently from Yonas:

Mr. Kelly, 

My academic and athlete career at the University of Dubuque has jumped to a great start. I’m proud to announce that as a true freshman in college I was able to wrestle varsity and earn a letter. Along with the success on mat, I was also able to make an impact on my new community by volunteering locally with environmental cleanup. I would like to personally thank you guys for giving me this opportunity. 

Thank you, 

Yonas Harris 

Yonas is shown above at one his wrestling matches during his freshman year at University of Dubuque.

Yonas is shown above at one his wrestling matches during his freshman year at University of Dubuque.

2018 Receipients - Cimiya Duffin and Yonas Harris


Cimiya Duffin, Blake HS Class of 2018


Cimiya played lacrosse, basketball, soccer and softball during her time at Blake, eventually becoming the second highest goal scorer in school history!  Also during her time there, she won the African American Academic Excellence Award, was on the Honor Roll, won a sportsmanship award, was MVP of the basketball team.  Cimiya overcame a very difficult broken home environment, to succeed in school (3.57 GPA) and in athletics.  Cimiya is pictured below and will attend Morgan State in the fall.

Yonas Harris, Northwest HS Class of 2018

Yonas Harris -  pictured to the left and below, was from the Northwest HS class of 2018 - Yonas also has a fascinating story.  Growing up as young boy in Ethiopia, he lost both parents at age 8 and lived in an orphanage for a year before being adopted and moving to the US, where he quickly learned to speak English. He wrestled all four years in high school, and finished his career  with a record of 108-19, including being a 2 X county champ, 2 X regional champ, and by winning a state championship his senior year. Academically, he graduated from the Academy of Finance at Northwest HS, performed 246 hours of community service, mostly spent helping kids with severe disabilities.  He has enrolled in the University of Dubuque (Iowa) and plans to wrestle while there.

Congratulations to BOTH of our very deserving recipients.